HUNTINGTON - An Ohio woman is suing the city of Huntington after she slipped on a rotten apple and fell to the ground in a city parking garage.

In a suit filed March 2, Melissa Percy claims she was at the parking garage on 3rd Avenue and 6th Street in Huntington in April 2004 as a business invitee when she was caused to fall as a result of the hazardous condition.

The suit claims the rotten apple was on the cement stairs of the garage.

As a result of the fall, the suit claims Percy suffered several serious injuries to her head, neck, back, body and limbs and was rendered lame and disabled.

Percy is suing the city for negligence and failure to maintain the premises, failure to comply with their duty to a reasonable inspection of their premises and failure to maintain and keep the elevator in working order.

Her husband James Percy is also suing the city, claiming he has been deprived of the services, society and consortium of his wife.

The couple is seeking a jury trial.

Cabell Circuit Court Case number: 06-C-147

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