This Just In: Ohio County

by Brandon Smith |
Mar. 17, 2006, 1:15am

March 6

Gerald Ames, Jr. vs. Circuit City Stores, Inc., DirecTV, Inc., and John Doe Contracting
PA-Shane M. Mallett; J-Wilson
* Ames claims that when John Doe Contracting installed DirecTV (which he purchased from a Circuit City store) in his home, the company acted negligently and damaged parts of his home including its roof, windows, and walls. He seeks compensatory damages (with a maximum amount award of $75,000.00).
Case number: 06-C-75

March 8

Richard T. Gongola, Jr. vs. Carpets by Jamison, Inc., et al.
PA-Jerry Sklavounakis; J-Wilson
* The West Virginia Division of Labor concluded that Carpets by Jamison was in violation of West Virginia Code relating to prevailing wages. It assessed fines of $8,255.60. Related to this violation, Jamison also did not pay Gongola sufficiently including no extra overtime pay when he continually worked 40+ hours per week. Gongola seeks compensation for the lost wages.
Case number: 06-C-77

March 9

Westfield Insurance Company vs. Charles E. Campbell, Jr. and Anna M. Lynn
PA-Daniel T. Booth; J-Mazzone
* The defendants were in an automobile accident with the Westfield Insurance's client and were not covered under any insurance plan. Westfield is suing them for $3,458.19 as a result of damages and costs related to the accident.
Case number: 06-C-78

Wesbanco Bank, Inc. vs. Michael R. Willis
PA-Robert A. Flaugher; J-Gaughan
* Willis owes Wesbanco Bank $2,463.55 plus $1,376.37 interest on an unpaid debt. Wesbanco seeks compensation for the amount.
Case number: 06-C-79

State Farm Insurance Companies vs. Robert E. Walton
PA-Michael R. Cline; J-Wilson
* Walton was involved in an automobile accident with State Farm Insurance's client causing property damage and bodily injury to the client. State Farm claims that Walton owes $22,501.42 as a result of the accident.
Case number: 06-C-80

Jennifer Saxton-Dimmick and Lawrence Dimmick, Jr. vs. Johnnie Ray Pack
PA-Jacob M. Robinson; J-Recht
* The two parties were involved in an automobile accident causing property damage and severe bodily injuries to the plaintiffs. They seek compensation for all damages and costs related to the accident.
Case number: 06-C-81

March 10

Debbie Bennington vs. Workers' Compensation Commission
PA-pro se; J-Wilson
* Bennington claims that the West Virginia Compensation office breached its contract with her husband. He was suffering from severe headaches which eventually lead to his death. Mrs. Bennington claims that proper legal action was not taken and she seeks compensation for her troubles.
Case number: 06-C-82

March 13

Kemba Financial Credit Union vs. Barbara Updegraff and Frankie Villani
PA-Jason S. Long; J-Gaughan
* Updegraff and Villani owe Kemba Financial Credit Union $7,106.07 on a past due credit card account. Kemba seeks compensation for that amount.
Case number: 06-C-83

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