Morgantown woman sues after fall in water meter hole

By John O'Brien | Apr 7, 2006

MORGANTOWN - A Morgantown woman is suing the Morgantown Utility Board for her fall in her front yard.

Regina Chico Shephard filed the lawsuit March 30 in Monongalia Circuit Court.

She claims that on April 5, 2004, she walked across her front lawn to manually shut her garage door when the automatic opener wouldn't work.

She says she stepped on a plastic cover that covered a hole used as access to the water meter owned by the Morgantown Utility Board. The cover became dislodged, causing her to lose her balance and fall into the access hole on her right leg.

"As a direct and proximate result of the negligence of the Defendant in failing to maintain and secure the plastic cover over the meter access hole in a timely manner and by allowing it to become dislodged and exposing the hole there under, Plaintiff fell into the water meter hole and severely injured her right leg and back, causing severe personal injuries, pain and suffering," the complaint says.

She alleges that Morgantown Utility failed to inspect for dangerous conditions, provide a secure cover and adequately mark the location of the hole.

Shephard says she has incurred $11,739.00 in medical expenses so far and will continue to be treated in the future.

She is suing for compensatory and special damages for past, present and future medical expenses; general damages for past, present and future physical pan and suffering; and court fees.

She is represented by Morgantown attorney Michelle Widmer. The case has been assigned to Judge Russell M. Clawges, Jr.

Monongalia Circuit Court case number 06-C-209

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