This Just In: Berkeley County

By Beth Henry | Apr 21, 2006

March 31
City Hospital Inc. vs. Kimmy Jo Brown
PA - Jeffery Gould; J - Christopher Wilkes
* The hospital claims Brown owes at least $27,805.72 for medical expenses and supplies provided in 2001 and 2004.
Case number: 06-C-217

April 3
Citibank South Dakota vs. Richard E. Seeley
PA - Kenneth Belt; J - David Sanders
* The suit claims Seeley owes $10,726.76 plus interest, although it did not specify whether the debt was from a loan or another type of agreement.
Case number: 06-C-222

April 4
Grant Acres Estate Homeownerás Association, Micheal Gunia, Dale Walker and Darren Pervarnik vs. The Berkeley County Planning Commission
PA - David Camilletti; J - David Sanders
* The homeowners opposed a townhouse development, which was approved by the Planning Commission although the plaintiffs claim the project had problems with storm water management and did not meet all county requirements. The plaintiffs are asking the court to review the commission's actions and reverse the project's approval.
Case number: 06-C-224

April 4
Sunbelt Rentals Inc., vs. Pendleton Developers LTD and Larry Nelson
PA - Suzanne Williams-McAuliffe; J - Christopher Wilkes
* The suit claims Pendleton Developers, and its agent Nelson, breached a construction equipment rental agreement with Sunbelt Rentals. The plaintiff is seeking $49,263.94 plus interest.
Case number: 06-C-225

April 5
City Hospital Inc. vs. Doris Drewery
PA - Jeffery Gould; J - David Sanders
* The hospital claims Drewery owes $12,809.96 for medical services and supplies provided in 2003 and 2004.
Case number: 06-C-228

April 6
Origen Financial LLC vs. Bradley W. Hess
PA - Janet Smith Holbrook; J - David Sanders
* The suit claims Hess failed to make payments according to a promissory note and security agreement from March 2003. The plaintiff seeks $28,008.83 plus interest, as well as possession of Hess's mobile home.
Case number: 06-C-230

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