MORGANTOWN - A Westover man says he was attacked, beaten and ran over outside his home and is suing the man responsible.

Thomas Kisner filed the lawsuit last month in Monongalia Circuit Court against Matthew Boylan and through Alex Shook of Morgantown law firm Hamstead, Williams and Shook.

The complaint alleges that Boylan "intentionally, unlawfully and without provocation assaulted and physically attacked the plaintiff, Thomas Kisner, by striking the plaintiff in the face and body," on the night of May 11, 2005, while Kisner stood outside his home.

Kisner says he has been permanently scarred and disfigured as a result of the attack. In addition to that assault and battery charge, he claims negligence on the part of Boylan. He claims Boylan ran over his leg with his car while he lay in the road in an incapacitated state.

"Matthew Boylan negligently, grossly negligently or recklessly operated his vehicle in such a manner as to run his vehicle over the leg of Plaintiff," the complaint says.

Kisner is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

Judge Russell Clawges has been assigned the case.

Monongalia Circuit Court case number 06-C-320

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