'Right Stuff' hero claims children wronged him

By Ann Knef | Jun 7, 2006

Chuck Yeager

The first man to break the speed of sound, West Virginia favorite son Chuck Yeager has filed suit against his children accusing them of diverting his pension funds.

Yeager, a native of Hamlin, W.Va., alleges that all four of his children, including Michael Yeager, Don Yeager and Sharon Yeager Flick, diverted hundreds of thousands of dollars from his pension fund. Yeager, who currently lives near Nevada City, Calif., filed suit in federal court in California.

Yeager is the legendary figure depicted in the novel "The Right Stuff," by Tom Wolfe. He broke the sound barrier when he propelled a Bell X-1 rocket plane over the Mojave Desert on Oct. 14, 1947.

According to the Associated Press, the fight began in state court after Yeager became engaged to his second wife, Victoria Scott D'Angelo.

D'Angelo was 45 when the couple wed in 2003. His first wife,
Glennis, died in 1990, the report states.

Yeager's attorney said D'Angelo was worried that Yeager, 83, was not being included in financial decisions managed by his oldest daughter, Susan
Yeager, according to the report.

Yeager's children have sued D'Angelo accusing their step mother of alienating their father from them in order to gain control of his assets.

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