A busted ketchup packet left on the floor of a Huntington McDonald's restaurant has rendered a Kentucky woman sick, sore and lame.

According to a lawsuit filed June 21 in Cabell County, Ashley Glass of Ashland, Ky. fell on partially dried ketchup that was spread in and around the floor of the McDonald's food service counter on Aug. 1, 2005.

Glass, represented by R. Matthew Vital of Huntington, is seeking at least $50,000 plus costs of the suit from defendant Anderson E. Haughey who operates the restaurant.

She claims the restaurant was negligently maintained.

"In the operation and control of said premises, the Defendant, McDonald's, had a duty to maintain the said premises in a reasonably safe condition for the persons, such as your Plaintiff, Ashley Glass, who are upon the said premises, and/or to provide sufficient notice and warning of dangerous and hazardous conditions, which duty or duties the Defendant, McDonald's, breached," the complaint states.

Glass claims she suffered head, neck, back and limb injuries and has undergone painful and extensive medical care and treatment.

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