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By The West Virginia Record | Jul 14, 2006

June 30
Madex Farm Homeowners Association Inc. v. Brian Kotzer and Paul Ginsburg
PA-Braun Hamstead; J-Thomas Steptoe Jr.
* The association claims Kotzer and Ginsburg are in violation of their lot being used for residential purposes only. The defendants are allegedly renting the home, and the group claims that renting the house would cause damages to "the character of the neighborhood."
Case number: 06-C-214

June 30
Robert Glascock v. Chrysler Corp.
PA-Stephen G. Skinner; J-Thomas Steptoe Jr.
* Glascock claims a Dodge Dakota he bought on May 10, 2004, from an authorized retail dealer for $21,475 plus other associated costs is a lemon. He seeks revocation of acceptance and refund of the purchase price as well as other damages.
Case number: 06-C-215

July 3
Palisades Collection LLC, assignee of Chase Manhattan
Bank v. Marianne E. Heaney
PA- Paul S. Atkins; J-Thomas Steptoe Jr.
* Palisades Collection is seeking $32,385.65 from a credit card debt incurred by Heaney.
Case number: 06-C-217

July 3
Palisades Collection v. Marilyn Bartoes
PA- Paul S. Atkins; J-Thomas Steptoe Jr.
* Palisades Collection is seeking $28,0975.73 from a credit car debt incurred by Bartoes.
Case number: 06-C-219

July 5
City Hospital v. Walter Steven Douglas
PA- Edward J. Hagar; J-Thomas Steptoe Jr.
* The hospital is seeking $71, 051.85 for medical services and supplies, plus $21.937.24 in interest, for a total of $92,989.09 that Douglas has incurred since June 5, 2006.
Case number: 06-C-233

July 5
Barbara Bayer v. Wal-Mart
PA-Harry Waddell; J-Thomas Steptoe Jr.
* Bayer of Knoxville, Md., was visiting the Charles Town Wal-Mart on July 9, 2004, when she claims she was injured when an employee knocked boxes off of a shelf that landed on her head, neck and shoulders. She seeks compensatory damages, pre- and post-judgment interest and court costs.
Case number: 06-C-255

July 6
Palisades Collection v. William L. Pindell
PA-John J. Balenovich; J-Thomas Steptoe Jr.
* Palisades is seeking $43,953.35, plus 10 percent per year since Oct. 31, 2002, until judgment, from Pindell for amount incurred on a revolving charge account.
Case number: 06-C-227

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