Letter: Web freedom in jeopardy

By The West Virginia Record | Jul 18, 2006

Dear Editor:

I, as well as millions of others in this country, highly value my Internet freedom. In no way do I wish to be blocked from Web sites that I am entitled to visit or be stuck with the cost of having to update the nation's broadband infrastructure.

Unfortunately, those things could happen if U.S. Senate does not act on behalf of consumers like me.

The Senate soon will get the chance to vote on the Stevens Bill (S 2686), a measure that will protect Internet users from content blockage and higher costs by calling on the FCC to immediately investigate any broadband Internet provider that is blocking lawful and legal content.

Those multi-million dollar companies have the funds to broaden existing networks-the American public doesn't. The companies should be willing to enlarge the networks so that no content would have to be blocked or filtered to save space.

Please contact Senator Robert Byrd and let him know that we want our Internet freedom to remain as is. Ask him to vote FOR the Stevens Bill (S 2686). The power is in his and his colleagues' hands! His numbers are: in Washington, D.C. 202-224-3954, and in Charleston 342-5855.

Kristen Barber

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