This just in: Upshur County

By Zak Ritchie | Sep 15, 2006

Sept. 6
Thomas P. Crawford et. al. vs. R.B. Whittig et. al.
J-Thomas H. Keadle; PA-Timothy J. LaFon
* The complaint alleges the defendants breached an agreement in regards to the purchase of a home in Upshur County. The plaintiffs have sued for return of their purchase price of the home because the defendants failed to disclose the fact that the home sits atop a now infamous Sago Mine shaft.
Case number: 06-C-100

Sept. 8
Beneficial West Virginia Inc. vs. Joshua G. Barnett
J-Thomas H. Keadle; PA-Kurt J. Winter
* Joshua G. Barnett allegedly defaulted on a loan, and the plaintiffs now demand $45,679.75, including interest and fees.
Case number: 06-C-101

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