This Just In: Wayne County

By Drew Smith | Sep 15, 2006

Aug. 23

Aug. 23
Melody Thompson v. Tri-State Airport Authority
PA-Niel R. Bouchillon; J-Darrell Pratt
* Thompson was an employee of Avis Rental Car Company located within the Tri-State Airport Authority lobby. In May 2005, she was exiting the airport when the automatic doors "unexpectedly and untimely" closed on her face and the back of her head causing permanent disfiguration, the suit claims. She is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.
Case number: 06-C-186

Aug. 25
Ewell Shuff and Mary Shuff, Cody Ramey v. TechSol Chemical Company, Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC, Rescar Inc., Sloss Industries Corporation, GATX Financial Group Corporation, and John Doe
PA-Michael A. Woelfel; J-Darrell Pratt
* The Wayne County plaintiffs are suing TechSol, among others, for negligence and liability after a 2004 chemical spill released 22,000 gallons of CTLO, a hazardous chemical, into the Westmoreland area. The spill caused the evacuation and displacement of 500 residents, the suit claims. The Shuffs' and Ramey are seeking compensatory damages.
Case number: 06-C-188

Sept. 7
J.C. Spence Company, LLC v. Betty L. Sheperd
PA-Thomas M. Plymale; J-Darrell Pratt
* Sheperd is being sued after a window fell from the building she owns, striking and ultimately killing Pedro Escobar, a tenant of J.C. Spence. Spence is seeking an injunction that would enjoin the distribution of any proceeds from the sale of Sheperd's property until claims are adjudicated.
Case number: 06-C-195

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