This Just In: Kanawha County

by John O'Brien |
Sep. 15, 2006, 2:30am

Sept. 6
Zachary Lindroth, Brian Myers and Gary Lacy v. Christopher Moore, et al.
PA-Richard Lindroth; J-Kaufman
* The plaintiffs say they were rear-ended then beaten up by Moore and Anthony Rodriguez.
Case number: 06-C-1813

Thomas Griffith Lucas v. Fairlawn Mobile Home Park, et al.
PA-William C. Forbes; J-Stucky
* Lucas is suing six defendants over a dog that he says was allowed to run loose and attack him.
Case number: 06-C-1817

Nancy Sigmon v. Select Specialty Hospital-Charleston, dba Select Specialty Hospital, et al.
PA-Erin Winter; J-Kaufman
* Sigmon says she suffered pressure wounds as a result of the Select staff not repositioning her in her bed and chair while a patient there.
Case number: 06-C-1824

Sept. 7
Hatem Hossino v. Woodbrooke Casualty Insurance, Inc.
PA-Michael J. Del Giudice; J-Kaufman
* Hossino says Woodbrooke should have settled a prior lawsuit against him, and their refusal to do so has driven up his medical malpractice insurance premiums.
Case number: 06-C-1827

Cline and Associates, PLLC v. Kevin Mullins
PA-Mark Adkins; J-Stucky
* Cline and Associates charge Mullins with fraud after they say he used its $25,000 credit line to start a computer consulting firm and quickly gave up on the project.
Case number: 06-C-1829

Joseph Hanson v. Earnest Noel
PA-Katherine Dooley; J-Bloom
* Hanson says he fell in a hole at Noel's house, which was for sale and open to visitors.
Case number: 06-C-1832

Sept. 11
Jane Doe v. Kanawha County Board of Education
PA-Lonnie Simmons; J-Kaufman
* The Jane Doe, now 18, says her former high school and middle school art teacher Larry Pauley gave her $700 to take 25 sexually explicit photographs of herself. Pauley has already pleaded guilty in federal criminal court and was sentenced to 3 ½ years in prison.
Case number: 06-C-1850

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