This just in: Monongalia County

By Timothy Kryaninko | Oct 20, 2006

Oct. 10
Monongalia County General Hospital Co. v. David P. Maxwell and Luella Jean Maxwell
J-Clawges; PA-Ward D. Stone, Jr.
* Mon General say the Maxwells owe $63,881.15 for services. It seeks that sum and court costs.
Case number: 06-C-652

Monongalia County General Hospital Co. v. Dennis R. Cornwell
J-Stone; PA-Edward L. Harman, Jr.
*Mon General says Cornwell owes $25,705.25 for services. It is sees that sum and court costs.
Case number: 06-C-653

Christal M. Smith v. Robert Hall, Paul McCrobie and Nationwide Insurance Company
of America
J-Stone; PA-William C. Brewer
* Smith claims Hall negligently operated a motor vehicle belonging to McCrobie such that he struck the plaintiff's automobile, thereby causing severe permanent injury. She has suffered physical and mental pain, medical expenses, loss of income and permanent bodily injury. She seeks compensatory damages, interest, costs and attorney fees.
Case number:06-C-657

Oct. 12
Westbank Properties, LLC. v. Robert Konchesky
J-Clawges; PA-B. Michael Smith
* Westbank claims Konchesky has failed to repay a $25,000 loan. It seeks that sum, interest and court costs.
Case number: 06-C-665

Oct. 13
Secure US, Inc. v. Verizon Directory Services
J-N/A; PA-Edmond R. Rollo
* Secure US claims Verizon failed to place their advertisements in Verizon's Super Pages after it purchased the space. Secure US expects to suffer significant damages, including lost profits, and the cost to obtain alternate means of advertisement. Secure US is seeking an amount to compensate for these losses, as well as court costs and attorney fees.
Case number: 06-C-671

Suncrest Village, LLC. v. Erie Insurance Property and Casualty Company and Jay Pallotta
J-N/A; PA-Michael S. Garrison
* Suncrest Village claims Pallotta, an agent of Erie Insurance, misrepresented the amount of insurance that was covering the property they were constructing. Suncrest paid and Pallotta accepted payment for the agreed upon policy of $6,014,000. When Suncrest attempted to collect the premium following a fire, Erie refused to pay. Suncrest is seeking contractual and compensatory damages as well as costs, expenses and attorney fees.
Case number: 06-C-672

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