This just in: Upshur County

By Zak Ritchie | Oct 27, 2006

Oct. 5
Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. vs. Paul D. Leichliter, et. al.
J-Thomas H. Keadle; PA-Robert L. Bandy
* The complaint alleges the defendants defaulted on a loan and has since prevented the repossession of stated collateral. The plaintiff is seeking a court order directing the Upshur County sheriff to assist in the repossession. The plaintiff claims the defendant owes a total $26,405.47, including fees and interest.
Case number: 06-C-110

Oct. 17
Erie Insurance Property and Casaulty Co. vs. Kunta K. Carter, et. al.
J-Thomas H. Keadle; PA-Charles G. Johnson
* The plaintiffs claim that on Nov. 10, 2005, the defendants stole property belonging to Smitty's Suzuki Center. The plaintiffs seek the value of the used property and other damages totaling $47,200.85.
Case number: 06-C-114

Oct. 20
Mary Helen Barker, Lynn Leblanc-MacNeil, Donald K. Stalnaker and J.R. Potts vs. International Coal Group, Inc., et. al.
J-Thomas H. Keadle; PA-William E. Ford, III
* The plaintiffs claim the operators of the Sago and Imperial mines as well as two trucking firms are accused of impeding on the property and health of the plaintiffs who live near the mines. The plaintiffs seek an injunction to halt all mining activities, as well for damages incurred. A similar suit 06-C-91 was filed in July.
Case number: 06-C-116

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