Rabbi sues his temple

by John O'Brien |
Oct. 27, 2006, 2:45am

WHEELING - An Ohio County rabbi is suing the Wheeling temple that has terminated his employment over the payment of the rest of his contract.

Rabbi Ronald H. Bernstein-Goff demands the rest of his contract be paid in a petition for declaratory judgment filed Oct. 17 in Ohio Circuit Court.

Bernstein-Goff says he and Harold Burech, the president of Temple Shalom, Congregation L-Shem Shamayim had agreed on a four-year contract that began July 1, 2003.

However, the temple wished to part with Bernstein-Goff over a dispute, and the rabbi says the National Commission on Rabbinic-Congregation Relations recommended paying the full financial obligation of the contract.

Bernstein-Goff says he has only been offered salary and benefits until Nov. 11, 2006 but should be paid until June 2008.

Only a $10,000 severance package was offered to Bernstein-Goff, the complaint says.

"Rabbi Ronald H. Bernstein-Goff seeks enforcement of his legal right to the terms of the financial obligations owed him as per the agreement which have been denied by the Temple Shalom," the complaint says.

Wheeling attorney Jenna Perkins Wood is representing Bernstein-Goff, and Judge Martin Gaughan has been assigned the case.

Ohio Circuit Court case number 06-C-377

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