Bar fight turns into lawsuit

By John O'Brien | Nov 2, 2006

HUNTINGTON - An Ohio family says it was beaten and tossed out of a Huntington country and western bar, despite the fact it did nothing to deserve such treatment.

Brandon, Shonda and Chris Griffin are suing The Saddle Ridge Rock and Country Saloon, Eric Patrick Schielder and John Does 1-5 in Cabell Circuit Court. They allege that on July 16, employees of the bar beat them up and threw them out.

The lawsuit was filed Oct. 24 through attorney Neil Bouchillon of Huntington firm Bouchillon, Crossan and Colburn. Chris and Brandon are brothers, while Shonda is Brandon's wife.

"Without any provocation from the plaintiffs, certain employees of Saddle Ridge, independently and collectively, offensively touched, beat, punched, kicked, choked and threw the plaintiffs," the complaint says.

"The conduct of The Saddle Ridge's employees was negligent, reckless, wanton and malicious."

Schielder is being sued as the manager of the bar.

The Griffins say they were caused to incur medical expenses, physical and mental pain and suffering and loss of wages. They were all three hospitalized, the complaint adds.

"These defendants have a history of acting dangerously, impulsively, vengefully and violently toward its patrons," the complaint says.

They charge the defendants with negligent hiring and retention, negligent training, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress, and make a claim for punitive damages.

"Chris Griffin remained unconscious for approximately one hour," the complaint says. "During such time of unconsciousness, Brandon Griffin and Shonda Griffin were unsure if Chris Griffin would live and, if he did, whether he would be forever comatose and/or in a vegetative state."

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