Pit bull bite case lands in court

By John O'Brien | Nov 22, 2006

CHARLES TOWN - A Jefferson County man says two people were harboring a vicious pit bull, which violently attacked and bit him.

Warren Long is suing Abraham Ybarra and Christian Welch in Jefferson Circuit Court over the alleged incident. The lawsuit was received Nov. 9.

It says that Long, on July 21, was bitten on a public road where the dog was not properly guarded or confined.

"While Defendants' dog was so kept, and while Plaintiff was properly walking along the road adjacent to Defendants' premises, the dog viciously and violently attacked and bit Plaintiff on his hand and arm, puncturing the skin," the suit says. "As a result, Plaintiff has become permanently disabled and permanently disfigured."

The dog bite, Long says, has impacted his job as a laborer by causing him to miss work and be laid off and resulted in him contracting Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. That has caused him disfigurement, mental anguish and pain, he says.

"Plaintiff is informed and believes, and therefore alleges, that the injuries and disfigurement are permanent, and that by reason of the wrongful acts of Defendants, Plaintiff suffered severe mental shock, to Plaintiff's further damage," the complaint says.

He charges the defendants with violating the Jefferson County Dog Ordinance and negligence, and makes a $100,000 claim for punitive damages.

Stephen Skinner of Nichols and Skinner in Charles Town is representing Long.

Judge Thomas Steptoe Jr. has been assigned the case.

Jefferson Circuit Court case number 06-C-377

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