This just in: Ohio County

By Jennifer Fleahman | Dec 29, 2006

Dec. 14

Dec. 14
Jill and Mike Willey vs. Samuel J. Bracken Jr., MD
J- Gaughan; PA- David A. Jividen, Esq.
* Bracken performed laproscopic tubal ligation on Willey and discharged her from the hospital the same day. During the surgery, she says he perforated her sigmoid colon, causing her to require a colostomy and to suffer peritonitis and septic shock. She became critically ill and was admitted to the ICU and required a ventilator, catheter, vasopressors, and antibiotics. Willey seeks judgment for damages, pre and post judgment interest, and attorney fees.
Case number: 06-C-459

Dec. 20
Raymond Young, Jr. vs. Mound City Inc. and Francis Tucker
J- Mazzone; PA- William E. Watson, Esq.
* Mound City owned land adjacent to Young. Mound City allowed garbage and mattresses to accumulate on their porch despite their knowledge of its accessibility to homeless people. A fire was started in the debris which spread to and burned Young's building; a building valued at $50,000. Young then incurred $14,220 in building demolition costs. Young seeks judgment in excess of jurisdictional limits, full compensation for damages, interest, costs, and attorney fees.
Case number 06-C-465

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