MARTINSBURG - State Farm Fire and Casualty Company is suing Ecowater Systems, because a problem caused by Ecowater caused a house to be flooded.

The home of Ronald E. Detrow is located in Falling Waters. Detrow is covered against damage to his home through a policy with State Farm.

Ecowater manufactures and assembled water softener systems for use in residential dwellings, such as the one owned by Detrow. During the spring of 1997, the builder of the Detrow residence purchased and installed a unit for use.

On Aug. 6, 2005, "without warning and without any act of the part of Mr. or Mrs. Ronald E. Detrow, a valve body in the unit failed sending water throughout their first floor, crawl space causing damage to these areas."

The water leak caused damage to personal property and required cleanup and remediation services.

The amount of damage sustained was $33,989.85. A total of $30,860.85 was paid by State Farm.

State Farm believes the water softener manufactured by Ecowater caused the damages and that constitutes negligence in the manufacturing or assembly process.

State Farm is seeking $33,989.85 from Ecowater for compensation on behalf of the company's negligence.

The case was filed by Paul A. Burns and has been assigned to David Sanders.

Berkeley Circuit Court case number: 06-C-972

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