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By Jennifer Fleahman | Jan 26, 2007

Jan. 10
Clifford Dwane Bennett vs. Clarence William Taggart Jr.
J- Wilson; PA- Jeffrey W. McCamic
* Bennett and Taggart owned real estate as tenants in common. A partition of the land cannot be made, and Bennett wants to accept allotment of the real estate as well as pay Taggart for his portion. Additionally, Bennett and Taggart formed B&T Auto Truck Repair as equals in the company. Taggart overdrew business funds and failed to pay bills. Bennett claims Taggart owes $50,000 as a dissociated member. Bennett seeks the real estate allotment and the dissolution of B&T Auto under judicial supervision.
Case number: 07-C-11

Jan. 11
Kevin and Christine Brown vs. Mark A. Hone dba Mark's Trucking Co., Vaughn Hone, et al.
J- Wilson; PA- Ronald Wm. Kasserman
* Kevin Brown pulled a trailer for Marks' Trucking. The ties securing the trailer were defective, causing the trailer and Brown's car to tip and skid. Brown was wearing a seatbelt but was still violently thrown about his vehicle. Brown thought he was an employee of Marks' and not an independent contractor. However, Brown was denied Workers' Comp because Marks' Trucking said he wasn't an employee. During the period Brown says he could have received temporary benefits, he was fired. Brown seeks compensatory and punitive damages, attorney fees and pre- and post-judgment interest.
Case number 07-C-12

Jan. 17
Linda Tyler vs. Monica LLC and NT Management Inc.
J- Wilson; PA- Ronald Wm. Kasserman
* Tyler's employment with Monica LLC as manager of a hotel was terminated. Prior to termination, she checked herself into Northwood Health Systems after being advised she was no longer represented the hotel. Tyler believes her termination does not follow company code published in the handbook, which allows employees 12 weeks of unpaid leave for medical conditions. Tyler also still not has been paid commission owed to her. She seeks compensatory and punitive damages, attorney fees and pre- and post-judgment interest.
Case number: 07-C-18

Jan. 22
Lauren J. Lief vs. Wheeling Jesuit University Inc. dba Wheeling Jesuit College
J-Gaughan; PA- Robyn Ruttenburg
* A student at WJU, Lief fell on ice and snow on campus causing her to break her left ankle and leg. Lief has incurred $20,544.70 in medical expenses in addition to her mother's nursing care. She claims WJU's negligence has caused a diminution of her capacity to earn a living, and she seeks judgment in the amount of $225,000 plus interest and costs.
Case number: 07-C-23

Debra Jarrell Broussard vs. Budget Rent-A-Car Systems Inc.
J-Mazzone; PA- Quan S. Le, Esq. and Don A. Yannerella
* Broussard was a victim of Hurricane Katrina. In 2005, Broussard rented a vehicle to travel to Wheeling after losing all of her property in the disaster. Broussard periodically extended the vehicle rental. She was arrested during a routine traffic stop for having a stolen vehicle. She was arrested for the felony charge of bringing stolen property into West Virginia. Broussard claims negligence led to her wrongful arrest and seeks compensatory and punitive damages.
Case number: 07-C-28

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