This Just In: Kanawha County

By Cara Bailey | Jan 26, 2007

Jan. 16
Maribeth J. Hickman-Coleman v. the City of Charleston, West Virginia, and Jon W. Petry
PA – Charles M. Johnstone, II; J – King
* Hickman-Coleman filed a suit against the City of Charleston and a Charleston police officer, Jon W. Petry, after the officer ran a stop sign and hit her vehicle. The suit says that because Petry was acting as an officer at the time of the accident, the City of Charleston is vicariously liable for his acts. Hickman-Coleman is demanding judgment against the city and Petry, seeking full and fair compensation as a result of negligence and reckless acts.
Case number 07-C-88

Keith W. Jones Jr. v. G&S Holdings LLC dba Banana Joe's Island Party, Charleston Entertainment LLC and John Doe
PA – Michael T. Clifford; J – Zakaib
* Jones filed a suit Banana Joe's because he was attacked and severely injured by patrons and an employee of the club. On March 26, 2005, Jones was a patron at Banana Joe's, when he was attacked by two men, "who came charging at him," the suit says. Jones defended himself, and pushed one of the men away. At that time, a bouncer, John Doe, grabbed Jones, and repeatedly slammed his head against a pole at the club. As a result of the bouncer's actions, Jones has suffered severe and permanent injuries, including vision disturbance and headaches, and has incurred medical expenses.
Jones is seeking punitive damages from the company and John Doe.
Case number 07-C-90

Jan. 17
Mae L. Hardman v. Kanawha Valley Senior Services
PA – William L. Redd; J – Stucky
* Hardman filed a suit against Kanawha Valley Senior Services, after she fell on steps of a van used to transport senior citizens, and sustained serious injury. Hardman is seeking compensation for her medical bills and nursing home charges, as well as lost of wages. She suffered injuries to her left arm and shoulder and left ankle.
She is seeking compensation for her medical bills, nursing home bills, lost wages and other damages.
Case number 07-C-94

Danny J. Burgess Jr. v. C&O Motors Inc. and Brian Meadows
PA – Rudolph L. DiTrapano; J – King
* Burgess has filed a suit against C&O Motors, claiming he was fired unlawfully fired. The suit says that in February or March of 2006, Burgess witnessed Craig White, another repair technician employee of C&O, "cheating customers by selling vehicle repairs that were unnecessary and charging for repairs that were not performed," the suit says. The suit says Burgess expressed his concerns, but was told to keep quiet. When he did not remain silent, he was fired.
He is seeking compensation for lost back pay, reinstatement of employment, punitive damages and court costs.
Case number 07-C-101

Kanawha Valley Advertising Company v. Bruce Buchholzer Advertising Inc.
PA – Christopher J. Winton; J – Bloom
* Kanawha Valley Advertising Company filed a suit against Bruce Buchholzer Advertising, Inc, because the contract between the two was breached. On June 6, 2006, the two entered into a written agreement where Kanawha Valley Advertising agreed to post on a billboard a poster displaying services offered by Bruce Buchholzer Advertising. The suit claims that Kanawha Valley Advertising performed all of their duties, but was never paid $20,020.
The contract between the two parties also included 18 percent interest on all unpaid balances.
Case number 07-C-102

Jan. 22
Clark Diehl and Kathi Diehl v. Charles Winkler, M.D., Kim Winkler, Jonathan Diehl, Eirc Diehl and Premiere Liquors, LLC
PA – Stephen B. Farmer; J – King
* Clark and Kathi Diehl filed a suit against their co-investors, claiming the co-investors tried to take over their business. The Diehl's claim they were forced from their business, because the co-investors, including their own family members, provided false information to the Internal Revenue Service and tries to freeze them. The Diehl's are seeking $10 million in punitive damages and also compensatory damages, as well as being placed in charge of the business again.
Case number 07-C-103

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