This just in: Ohio County

By Jennifer Fleahman | Feb 16, 2007

Feb. 5
Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. vs. Susan J. Norman
J- Wilson; PA- Marc J. Slotnick
* Norman agreed to pay $75,150 to Homeowners Loan Corp. HLC had a security interest in property Norman owned and secured this interest by obtaining the deed of trust. HLC attached an incorrect legal description of the property to the loan. Norman failed to make payments and MERS wishes to foreclose on the property, but is unable to do so because of incorrect legal description. The company seeks reformation of the deed of trust to allow the foreclosure.
Case number: 07-C-51

Feb. 6
Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Corporation and Jack Graf vs. The Worthington Steel Co.
J- Gaughan; PA- Mark A. Colantonio
* Graf, a former employee of Worthington, was hired by WPSC as sales director. He has had no business related contact with Worthington nor has he engaged in competition with the company. Worthington threatened interference with Graf's WPSC employment, and sought an injunction to prevent his work. WPSC claims there has been no violation of the anti-compete clause. WPSC and Graf seek compensatory and punitive damages and pre and post judgment interest.
Case number 07-C-52

Feb. 7
Dean Realty, LLC vs. A.E. Pelley, Inc.
J- Mazzone; PA- Mark A. Kepple, Esq.
* A.E. Pelley was contracted by Dean to perform winterization processes for a customer. After the processes, damage caused by frozen pipes occurred despite usage during a safe temperature. Dean Realty was forced to pay for damages and claims A.E. Pelley was negligent in its work. Dean Realty seeks damages and fees.
Case number: 07-C-55

Feb. 9
Joseph P. Coleman II vs. Scott Smith and The Hon. Harry A. Radcliffe
J-Mazzone; PA- Shane M. Welling
* Coleman was cited for possessing less than fifteen grams of marijuana. He completed his six months probation and no dismissal order was given. Instead, a status hearing was set on a date after the probationary period ended. A motion to accept his guilty plea also was not filed until after probation. Smith wants to re-prosecute Coleman and set aside his conditional guilty plea, meaning Coleman could now serve jail time despite already serving the probationary period. Coleman seeks a rule to show cause against the respondents and prohibition of additional action, excluding case dismissal.
Case number: 07-C-58

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