Jan. 22
Barbara Doleman, infant, minor by her next friend and parents and individually by both parents in their individual capacity, v. Ada A. Rohrer
PA-Roger Ritchie Jr.; J-Thomas Steptoe Jr.
* On Sept. 15, 2005, Rohrer was driving her car that struck a school bus operated by Kirsten Roberson. Doleman was a passenger on the bus. Elivira and Roger Doleman, parents of Doleman, claim she was injured during the accident. Doleman's parents are seeking compensatory damages and costs.
Case number: 07-C-17

Jan. 25
Crosswinds Homeowners Association Inc. v. Kathryn Hare
PA-Robert Trumble; J-Gina Groh
* Hare has filed her answer to magistrate court case 06-C-1396. Crosswinds claims that on Oct. 22, 2006, Hare was ejected from the Board of Directors. She held the position of treasurer. They claim she still failed to return the corporation seal, key to the P.O.Box and financial records, among other items. Hare contends the claim lacks standing.
Case number: 07-C-23

Feb. 1
Sharon Clark, individually and as next friend of minor children, Taylor Osgood and Keith Gockley v. Columbia Ancillary Services Inc., dba Respiratory Convalescent Specialties, and Joseph Massaro, in his official capacity
PA-Lawrence M. Schultz; J- Gina Groh
* Osgood and Gockley are the children of Clark. Joseph Massaro is employed by Columbia Ancillary Services. On Feb. 3, 2005, Massaro failed to control his vehicle and caused a wreck of which Clark was a passenger. Clark has incurred $247,000 in medical and hospital expenses. She claims because of her injuries, her children have also suffered. She claims Columbia is fully liable for the acts of Massaro. She is seeking $1 million plus attorney fees, costs, pre- and post-judgment interest. She is also demanding a trial by jury.
Case number: 07-C-40

Feb. 2
Kenneth Smith v. Jefferson County Board of Education
PA- pro se; J-Gina Groh
* Smith claims that the Board of Education is restricting the teaching of pertinent scientific and historical knowledge to all students in its jurisdiction. Smith claims he has found The Missing Link.
Case number: 07-C-43

Feb. 6
Gill Saleh Haddad v. Muntaha Haddad
PA-pro se; J-Gina Groh
* Gill Haddad claims Muntaha Haddad owes him $196,800.78 in United States currency. The money is from distribution of the estate of their late father, Saleh Issa Haddad. Gill Haddad claims Mutaha Haddad has committed fraud and his act is "beyond human stupidity." Gil Haddad is also seeking for pre-judgment and post-judgment statutory interest of 10 percent per annum since Jan. 12, 2002.
Case number: 07-C-48

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