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By Cara Bailey | Feb 16, 2007

Feb. 5
Harold Taylor and Kelly Taylor v. Fleetwood Homes of Virginia Inc., Fleetwood Retail Corp. of West Virginia, Fleetwood Home of Virginia, CMH Homes Inc.
PA – Kristina Thomas Whiteaker; J – King
* The Taylors filed a suit against Fleetwood Homes after a mobile home bought from the company was damaged before they moved in. The mobile home was damaged during delivery and installation. The Taylors found out about the problem after they moved into the home. The Taylors seek a permanent judgment that requires the defendants to establish a consumer rights training program, compensation and punitive damages and actual damages for violation of the West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act.
Case number 07-C-236

Sherry Dew and Stephen Dew v. R. David Allara M.D.
PA – Larry O. Ford; J – Kaufman
* Dew filed a suit against Allara, after the doctor performed eye surgery on her. Dew claims she was not properly examined before the surgery, and because of the mistakes made she was forced to get a corneal transplant. The Dews seek compensation from Allara for injuries and damages.
Case number 07-C-240

Christopher E. Dawson v. Wells Home Furnishings Inc.
PA – Matthew S. Criswell; J – Walker
* Dawson claims he was fired from Wells Home Furnishings because he was injured and was out of work for several weeks, while drawing workers' compensation. Dawson injured his knee while moving furniture. The injury required surgery and Dawson was off of work for several weeks. When he returned he was told his position had been filled because he was off for too long, even though his doctor would not allow him to return to work. He seeks past and present pay and benefits, as well as compensatory and punitive damages.
Case number 07-C-243

HCR Manorcare dba Heartland of Charleston v. Harold Good
PA – Spencer D. Elliott; J – Bloom
* HCR Manor filed a suit against Harold Good, a Kanawha County resident. Good has been a resident of the health care facility since Feb. 1, 2005. As od Jan. 24, 2007, Good owed a past due balance of $74,519.31 for health care and related services. The facility seeks the amount owed.
Case number 07-C-245

Billie Ruth Scott v. Fire Mountain Restaurants dba Ryan's; Fire Mountain Restaurants dba Ryan's Family Steak Houses East Inc.; Ryan's Family Steak Houses TLC; and Ryan's Family Steak House Inc.
PA – Donald C. Wandling; J – Walker
* Scott was visiting the Ryan's in Southridge on Feb. 19, 2006. While there she was caused to slip and fall, due to the negligence of the restaurant. She suffered an injury to her knee and was otherwise injured. She was caused to spend money on hospital bills. She seeks compensation for her expenses.
Case number 07-C-249

Feb. 6
James E. Rhodes and Ella Jean Rhodes v. A.W. Chesterton Company, et al.
PA – R. Scott Marshall; Visiting Judge
* The Rhodes' have filed a lawsuit against 65 companies, including six in West Virginia. James Rhodes was a laborer, who now has malignant mesothelioma because of exposure to asbestos while working. The Rhodes seek punitive and compensatory damages.
Case number 07-C-255

Feb. 7
Logan Sneed v. Kanawha County Board of Education
PA – Timothy Bradford; J – Kaufman
* Sneed, a former student of the Kanawha County school system, has filed a suit against the Board of Education, after he was attacked and sexually assaulted while riding the school bus home. Sneed was attacked on Oct. 3, 2000, while under the supervision of the county board. Sneed seeks punitive damages.
Case number 07-C-259

James M. Clark v. National Railroad Passenger Corp. dba Amtrak
PA – Willard J. Moody, Jr.; J – Bloom
* Clark filed a suit against his employer, Amtrak, after he was injured while working on a train. Clark fell while walking between cars, injuring his lower back and spine. The suit says Amtrak failed to comply with the provisions and requirement of the Federal Employers' Liability Act. Clark seeks compensation.
Case number 07-C-261

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