Man says sister defrauded him

By Cara Bailey | Feb 16, 2007

CHARLES TOWN - A Maryland man has filed a suit against his sister claiming she stole part of their father's estate.

Gill Saleh Haddad filed a suit Feb. 6 in Jefferson Circuit Court against Muntaha Haddad seeking more than $196,800.

The suit says Muntaha Haddad, who lives in Jefferson County, took advantage of the proportional distribution of the estate of their father by falsely altering writing with the intent to defraud and gain more funds.

Gill Saleh Haddad claims his sister took $55,000 fraudulently. He seeks the money to be returned, plus $125,000 for damages done because he claims his sister tried to deliberately defraud him, the suit says. He also seeks $16,800.78 for interest, bringing the total he seeks to $196,800.78.

Gill Saleh Haddad also made an addendum to the case, stating for the record that his father was a member of the Royal Jordian Force, in Amman, Jordan, for 22 years, under the leadership if King Hussein. He added Jordan is an ally of the United States and asked the court to please take time to "study world history before making any bias or prejudicial remarks towards another person."

The case has been assigned Judge Gina Groh.

Jefferson County 07-C-48

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