This Just In: Upshur County

By Zak Ritchie | Feb 23, 2007

Jan. 23
John G. Kafer vs. Delbert Ray Ratliff dba D&D Construction
PA-W. T. Weber; J-Thomas H. Keadle
* Kafer claims the incomplete construction of his home has led to unexpected expenses that the defendant supposedly agreed to cover prior to construction. Kafer allegedly paid the defendant $225,000 as the turn-key price, and due to incomplete construction, now seeks $97,786.06, including fees and punitive damages.
Case number: 07-C-12

Jan. 26
John Sinclair, et. al. vs. Ronald Hinkle, et. al.
PA- J. Burton Hunter III; J-Thomas H. Keadle
* Sinclair is suing Ronald Hinkle, the manager of Dying Art Glassworks, for not adequately cautioning him on the snowy condition of an on-site outdoor pathway. The plaintiff sustained injuries in a fall, and alleges Hinkle was negligent in his care for visitors to the glassworks. Sinclair is now seeking $9,055.50 in hospital costs and $6,320 in lost wages, as well as other compensatory damages and other fees.
Case number: 07-C-15

Feb. 14
Melina Dean, et. al. vs. Allburgher's Appalachian Pub Company, et. al.
PA- Erika H. Klie ; J-Thomas H. Keadle
* Plaintiffs Jason and Melina Dean, as former employees of Allburger's Appalachian Pub in Buckhannon, are suing for retaliatory discharge, sexual harassment and sexual discrimination. The couple alleges owner Damon Carter actively ignored blatant sexual harassment and retaliated to their complaints with immediate firing. The plaintiffs are seeking punitive damages.
Case number: 07-C-22

Jonie (Goetzke) Winters, et. al. vs. Kristina Swecker
PA- Erika H. Klie; J-Thomas H. Keadle
* The plaintiff filed suit alleging personal injury damages and other related costs due to a vehicle collision with Swecker. Winters claims the total loss of her vehicle, including various injuries. The plaintiff is demanding over $25,000 in total costs relating to injuries and vehicle replacement.
Case number: 07-C-23

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