CHARLESTON - A former doorman at a Charleston nightclub who was shot in the head was awarded more than $1.5 million by a jury in Kanawha Circuit Court.

Marlon Ferguson was wounded while working at Banana Joe's nightclub on Capitol Street, which is now closed. The suit says an angry patron shot Ferguson in October 2005, and the .38 caliber bullet remains lodged under his skin to this day.

Ferguson said the accident occurred after he has to remove a patron from the nightclub. He used the "choke out" method, often used by bouncers to keep people under control until they can get them outside.

The patron became angry, and returned to the nightclub, where he fired three shots at the entrance. The incident was captured on a nearby surveillance camera.

Ferguson never lost consciousness and doctors determined it was more dangerous to remove the bullet than to leave it in. According to David Blair, a neuropsychologist, Ferguson now has trouble focusing, multitasking and speaking at times.

The jury awarded Ferguson $1.5 million plus medical expenses he has already incurred. Circuit Judge Irene Berger has previously granted a default judgment against Banana Joe' owner, G&S Holdings.

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