LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Teacher did the right thing

By The West Virginia Record | Mar 21, 2007

Dear Editor:

This letter is in regards to your story about the St. Anthony teacher who was fired while trying to learn if a student was a victim of sexual abuse.

This lady needs a medal for stepping to the plate to protect children. Even if she was wrong, it's prudent to over-protect our children than toss the information in the trash and not take steps to protect our future.

If I lived in your state, I would trust this lady to care for my four-year-old any day of the week.

I was raped by a trusted person in my school when I was six and seven years old.

I trust one person with my child, and she just moved to Boston. But this lady is a close second without meeting her -- because she did the right thing and did not keep her mouth shut. I hope the world has more like her.

Paul Livingston
San Diego, Calif.

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