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By Jennifer Fleahman | Mar 30, 2007

March 16
Daniel Thompson Rownd III vs. The Heirs of Walter Clifford Gleaves
J- Mazzone; PA- Brent E. Wear
* Walter Gleaves and his wife were the owners of land. Their son, as the sole heir, tried to claim the land upon his father's death. The land was transferred by Gleaves' wife to another party despite a lack of evidence to rebut the son's claim as the sole heir. He seeks to be named as a successor in title, the quieting of the title and simple ownership of the realty.
Case number: 07-C-93

March 19
Ronald F. Bence vs. TCI Holdings Inc. et al.
J- Wilson; PA- David J. Sims
* Bence purchased land from TCI. It was agreed TCI was responsible for final utility readings. TCI failed to finalize water services and paid a monthly water bill from October to February, unbeknownst to Bence. Eventually, water pipes broke causing damage to the building. Bence seeks $60,000 in compensatory damages along with pre- and post- judgment interest.
Case number 07-C-97

March 21
Jolene Eisenhauer, et al vs. The West Virginia Dept. of Transportation and the Dept. of Highways
J- Gaughan; PA- Michael McGuane
* DOH employees negligently entered Eisenhauer property, causing damages to fence posts, trees and shrubbery with a tractor. Upon Eisenhauer's complaint, the DOH agreed to send employees to investigate. Prior to their arrival, employees already present on the property began working. Eisenhauer tried to stop their efforts and was struck with a tractor. She seeks compensatory damages.
Case number: 07-C-101

March 22
Tyrena Harrigan vs. Wheeling Hospital Inc., et al
J- Recht; PA- Howard M. Louik and Cindy Stine
* Ronald Harrigan was admitted to Wheeling Hospital for a non-healing left foot ulcer. A below-knee amputation was performed, leaving Harrigan slightly anemic and in great pain. A harmful combination of medicine was administered by Dr. Petersen and a PA, causing massive complications which eventually led to his death. As the administratrix of Harrigan's estate, Tyrena Harrigan seeks compensatory damages.
Case number: 07-C-103

Cathy Kowalski vs. Guardian Elder Care at Wheeling, LLC, dba Peterson Rehabilitation Hospital
J- Recht; PA- James G. Bordas Jr.
* Fleming, a resident of PRH, fell seven times during his stay from April until December 2005. He incurred numerous injuries and medical bills as a result of his falls and eventually died in December. Kowalski, individually and as administrator of Fleming's estate, seeks compensatory and punitive damages, pre- and post-judgment interest, attorney fees and court costs.
Case number: 07-C-106

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