This Just In: Kanawha County

by Cara Bailey |
Apr. 13, 2007, 2:30am

April 2
Paul Moss and Ruby Moss v. A&I Co., Inc. Adience Co., Lmtd. Partnership, et al.
PA – Skaggs; J – Visiting
* Paul Moss and his wife, Ruby, are suing 47 companies, claiming their negligence in warning Paul Moss about the asbestos in their products and producing asbestos-containing materials, caused him to become ill. Paul Moss was employed by Verizon West Virginia in Braxton County. He now has diseases in his lungs, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Paul and Ruby Moss seek compensatory and punitive damages.
Case number 07-C-631

April 3
Kimberly S. Williams v. Charleston Area Medical Center Inc.
PA – Jeffrey V. Mehalic; J – Bloom
* Williams filed a suit against CAMC after she broke her hip after tripping on a rug in the Family Medicine Building. Williams claimed the rug was rolled up along the edge, and she did not notice that until she had already fallen. Her broken hip required surgery. She claims the medical center owes her compensation for not getting the entrance and lobby free of obstructions.
Case number 07-C-634

Jerry Chapman v. State Equipment, Inc. and Alan Pasel
PA – Timothy J. Amos; J – Zakaib
* Chapman, a Wood County man, filed a lawsuit against State Equipment, claiming the company breached their contract. Chapman had agreed to buy a tractor for $6,100 and was told he could buy another for the same price, but the tractor never was delivered after he paid for it and he later found out there was no other tractor for sale. Chapman was later informed the price of the tractor had gone up to $9,950 because the wrong stock number had been placed on the advertisement. Chapmen claims State Equipment violated state code and seeks judgment against the company.
Case number 07-C-636

Angel Luis Rivera v. Bert Wolfe Inc.
PA – Mark A. Atkinson; J – Walker
* Rivera filed a suit against the auto dealership, claiming he was fired because of his race and age. Rivera claims his termination was a violation of the West Virginia Human Rights Act. The suit also says Rivera was physically and verbally abused by a manager at the dealership. He seeks punitive damages in an amount to be determined by a jury.
Case number 07-C-643

Sharon Olivares and Raul Olivares v. K-Mart Corporation
PA – Harvey S. Peyton; J – King
* Sharon and Raul Olivares filed a suit against K-Mart, claiming the store is to blame for an injury Sharon Olivares sustained at the Kanawha City store. The suit says Sharon Olivares was entering the store when she fell on a pile of gravel in the store's parking lot. The suit says she suffered more than $19,900 in medical expenses and suffered a loss of more than $25,000 in income. Raul Olivares also suffered a loss of care, comfort, companionship and consortium of his wife. Together, they seek compensatory damages.
Case number 07-C-645

April 5
Gregory James v. Superior Windows Inc.
PA – Mark Atkinson; J – King
* James filed a suit against Superior Windows, claiming he was fired because he filed for workers' compensation. James was a 15-year employee for Superior. He was injured in 2006 and fired when he returned from his rehabilitation period. He claims the firing was a violation of state code. He seeks compensatory and punitive damages.
Case number 07-C-656

Lonnie S. Bellew v. Bannum Inc. dba Bannum Place of Charleston
PA – Mark Atkinson; J – Bloom
*Lonnie Bellew filed a suit against Bannum, claiming he was fired because he filed for workers' compensation benefits. Bellew, who was employed by Bannum for eight years, claims he was fired for filing to receive workers' compensation and because of his age. He claims the termination is a violation of state code and the West Virginia Human Rights Act.
Case number 07-C-668

April 6
Douglas A. Gunnoe Jr. v. West Virginia State Police and David Lemmon, Superintendent
PA - Henry E. Wood III; J – Walker
* Gunnoe, a State Trooper, filed a suit against the State Police claiming he was demoted for alleged sexual harassment charges. Gunnoe was demoted from a first sergeant to a sergeant, and claims he should have been promoted to first lieutenant. He also claims he was threatened to accept the demotion or he would be fired. Gunnoe seeks compensatory and punitive damages.
Case number 07-C-670

April 10
City of Beckley, W.Va., v. West Virginia Division of Labor and David Mullins, Commissioner
PA – Ricklin Brown; J – Bloom
* The City of Beckley is seeking an injunction against the West Virginia Department of Labor to stop it from imposing a prevailing wage law on a construction project that was entirely federally funded.
Case number 07-C-697

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