WELLSBURG - A Brooke County man has filed a suit against two other West Virginia men on behalf of his minor daughter.

Virgil Green filed a suit in Brooke Circuit Court on behalf of his daughter, Peggy Green. The suit names Zachary Andrew Allan and Wesley Allan as defendants.

According to the suit, on April 30, 2005, Peggy Green was on the side of the street in Wellsburg, leaning into a car driven by Zachary Allan. While she was talking, Allan "suddenly began to drive his car in a 'stop and go' manner," the suit says.

Allan than turned his vehicle in the direction of Green, making her fall to the pavement, and running over her hip and calf.

As a result, Green suffered pain in her left hip and calf, mid-neck pain, headaches, medical expenses and other pain and suffering.

Virgil Green claims Allan was driving in a negligent manner, and failed to avoid a collision with his daughter. Wesley Allan is also named as being responsible for the incident, pursuant to the Family Purpose Doctrine.

According to the suit, Peggy Green has incurred more than $11,549 in medical bills. Virgil and Peggy Green, through attorney Frank Cuomo, seek compensation for the damages.

The case has been assigned to Judge Ronald E. Wilson.

Brooke Circuit Court case number 07-C-74

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