This Just In: Berkeley County

By Beth Henry | Jun 15, 2007

June 5
Sherman Houston and Napatsorn Houston vs. Paul Frazier dba Frazier's Pawn Shop
PA - J. Mark Sutton; J - Gray Silver
* The Houstons' jewelry was stolen from their home in June 2005, and they went to the defendant's store to ask him to notify them if anyone brought in the jewelry. They claim the jewelry was brought to him and he obtained it without notifying them. The Houstons claim Frazier committed fraud and was negligent when he knowingly obtained stolen jewelry, and they are seeking at least $5,000 plus other relief.
Case number: 07-C-471

June 4
Winchester Medical Center Inc. vs. Harry E. Hess
PA - Christopher McCarthy; J - David Sanders
* The hospital claims Hess owes $58,625.00 plus $7,677.44 in interest for medical services and supplies provided to him in 2005.
Case number: 07-C-473

June 7
Hudson & Keyse LLC vs. James S. Bartley Sr. and Kaye E. Bartley
PA - Ryan Marsteller; J - Gray Silver
* The defendant claims the Bartleys owe $38,611.03 after failing to meet all the terms of a real estate loan agreement.
Case number: 07-C-480

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