CHARLESTON - Attorney General Darrell McGraw's office has announced a $43,000 settlement against Beautiful Memories Monuments.

The settlement comes after the AG's office received complaints of deceptive business practices.

The settlement, announced June 18, requires Beautiful Memories Monuments to pay more than $43,000 in consumer refunds in monthly payments to Attorney General Darrell McGraw's office.

According to a news release from McGraw's office, the investigation began with the Consumer Protection Division began receiving complaints that the company unlawfully accepts payments from consumers purchasing monuments, without delivering the goods and services.

"Consumers deserve to receive the goods for which they have paid in all cases," McGraw said in the release. "Particularly in a case like this, the business practices of Beautiful Memories Monuments added to the sorrow of already grieving family members."

Beautiful Memories Monuments is owned by Kenneth and Vicki Hobbs, and was formerly located in Point Pleasant.

The business closed and the owners moved out of state, with consumers waiting for monuments for which they had allegedly paid.

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