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By Donna Kisner | Jul 27, 2007

July 17

July 17
Emily Wolf v. Mountaineer Gas Company
PA-J. Brian Edwards; Judge-Russell M. Clawges Jr.
* Wolf claims that in December 2006, Mountaineer Gas wrongfully placed a gas line through her property outside of any existing right of way. This action has limited Wolf's ability to fully utilize her property as she wishes. She is seeking compensatory damages; present and future rental value for Mountaineer Gas' unlawful use of her property and the costs to repair her property after the gas line is removed. Wolf also asks for punitive damages, pre and post judgment interest, costs and attorney fees.
Case number: 07-C-466

July 18
Jeromy Jackson, Trela Jackson and Andrew Ellifritz v. McDonald's Corporation, McDonald's Restaurants of West Virginia, Inc., Golden Arch, Inc., McDonalds of Star City West Virginia, Jane A. and Jane B. Doe, McDonalds' Employees and John A. and John B. Doe, McDonald's Employees
PA-Timothy D. Houston; Judge-Robert B. Stone
* Jeromy Jackson placed an order for two quarter pounders without cheese at the Star City McDonald's. He was very specific in his request since he had a food allergy to cheese. During the time his quarter pounders were being prepared, he took multiple preventative steps to make sure his request for no cheese was honored. As he bit into the sandwich, he realized the worker did not exclude the cheese from the sandwich as requested and suffered an immediate allergic reaction. Trela Jackson, his mother, took him to United Hospitals in Clarksburg, where he was treated. Doctors advised him he was only moments from death or a debilitating injury. They are asking for judgment against the defendants in the amount of $10,000,000.
Case number: 07-C-469

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