CHARLESTON - A quadriplegic Raleigh County man has filed a lawsuit against a state nonprofit organization that is supposed to help residents with disabilities live independent, productive lives.

Frederick L. Ewing, through attorney Mark Jenkinson, filed the suit July 30 in Kanawha Circuit Court, against West Virginia Advocates, a group that works with disabled West Virginians, helping them access opportunities so they can be totally integrated into society, and live productive lives, the suit says.

Ewing claiming he was discriminated against because he asked for special accommodations for his job.

According to the suit, Ewing is disabled, as defined by the West Virginia Code. In September 2006, he asked to be permitted to continue working for his company, where he had worked for several years, from his home office in Raleigh County. The request was refused.

Ewing then filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission on Oct. 25, 2006. According to the suit, the commission found no probable cause and the proceedings ended. He claims the organization insisted he move to Charleston to work.

Ewing claims he needs a specific accommodation, which West Virginia Advocates knows, but they refuse to provide for.

Through Jenkinson, Ewing seeks to have a reasonable accommodation restored, plus back pay from the date he starting taking unpaid medical leave, which he is now on. Ewing also seeks compensatory and punitive damages.

The case has been assigned to Judge James Stucky.

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