July 20
Mark A. Spangler v. Vaughn C. Hone, Sr., and Hone and Son Trucking Co.
J- Mazzone; PA-John Yeager Jr.
* While working for Hone and Son Trucking, Spangler was injured when a car hood fell on his back. He filed for worker's compensation and, upon his doctor's release, was informed he had been fired from the trucking company. Spangler claims he had no tardies, absences, or warnings, and believes it to be a case of retaliatory discharge. He seeks judgment jointly and severally, interest, and attorney's fees.
Case number: 07-C-137

Michael Koenig and Kayla Fjelddalen v. William Williams and Shirley Williams
J- Recht; PA- Elgine Heceta McArdle
* Koenig's wife and Fjelddalen's mother, Debra Koenig, gave Shirley Williams power of attorney, unbeknownst to Koenig and Fjleddalen. Despite Koenig's incapacitation because of cancer, Shirley Williams was still given the power of attorney; Koenig's will was notarized by Williams' relative. Upon Koenig's death, life insurance policies were missing and withdrawals had been made from the Koenig's joint bank account by the Williams. The Williams also unlawfully attempted to transfer the title of Koenig's car. Michael Koenig seeks $12,000.00 and punitive damages.
Case number 07-C-138

July 20
Angela Hawkey and James Hawkey v. Scher-Cash, Inc., et al.
J- Mazzone; PA- Vincent S. Gurrera
* While visiting Scher-Cash Inc., Angela Hawkey fell on a cracked walkway causing her to fracture her ankle and foot. She claims Scher-Cash failed to properly warn her of the dangers of the walkway. She seeks judgment jointly and severally, pre and post judgment, costs, fees, and James Hawkey claims to have suffered loss of consortium.
Case number 07-C-140

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