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By The West Virginia Record | Aug 31, 2007

Aug. 6
Green Tree Servicing LLC f/k/a Green Tree Financial Servicing Corporation v. Arthur Elliott
PA-Jason Long; J-Thomas Steptoe Jr.
* On Oct. 10, 1997, Elliott entered into a promissory note for a manufactured home with Green Tree. He put up $23,467 plus collateral of a 1997 Fleetwood Enterprise manufactured home. Green Tree states he was to pay a total of $61,034.40 with monthly installments to end in November 1997. The contract stipulated that at any time Green Tree could call in the debt and repossess the collateral. Elliott still owes $18,995.28 plus a per diem of $6.11. Green Tree wants possession of the home. Also, Green Tree is seeking monies for any damage sustained during Elliott's wrongful possession of the home including depreciation value.
Case number: 07-C-285

Aug. 7
Jessica Corbin v. Joseph Drzewiecki
PA-Terrance L. Britt; J-Thomas Steptoe Jr.
* On Jan. 31, 2007, while driving her car on W.Va. 9, Corbin was struck by another vehicle driven by Drzewiecki. She claims she was injured in the accident. She is seeking monies for incurred medical expenses and compensation for personal injuries she has sustained. She is also seeking pecuniary loss.
Case number: 07-C-286

Christopher Heflin, a minor by Kimberly Faircloth, his next friend, and Kimberly Faircloth individually v. Susan Presley
PA-Terrance L. Britt; J-Thomas Steptoe Jr.
* On Oct. 9, 2006, Heflin was a passenger in a vehicle driven by Faircloth when a car driven by Presley struck the Faircloth automobile. Heflin sustained injuries in the accident. His injuries have caused Faircloth to incur diverse and sundry expenses for medical care for permanent and lasting in nature. Faircloth is seeking monies "in an amount in excess of the jurisdictorial limit." She is seeking an amount sufficient to compensate the injuries for which they sustained. She is seeking pre-interest on all items of ascertainable pecuniary loss up to the date of the trial.
Case number: 07-C-287

Aug. 9
David L. Leonard Jr., Patricia M. Sanderson and Wade S. Sanderson v. Phenix Investment Associates LLC and Scott Mills
PA-Michael Novotny; J-Thomas Steptoe Jr.
* Leonard and the Sandersons are owners of North River Investments located in Monogalia County. They entered into an agreement for purchase and sale with Phenix for their memberships. Phenix deposited $50,000 with Mills. The deposit became nonrefundable if Phenix didn't terminate the agreement, which it did not. Mills disbursed the deposit back to Phenix. The plaintiffs claim that have incurred damages in excess of $50,000 plus costs incurred in pursuit of the civil action including reasonable attorney fees.
Case number: 07-C-288

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