ASHFORD -- Chief Justice Robin Jean Davis is scheduled to read aloud to fourth-grade, fifth-grade, and sixth-grade students at Ashford-Rumble Elementary School in Ashford, Boone County, at 1 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 25.

She also will answer students' questions and talk to them about the Supreme Court.

Chief Justice Davis is a native of Boone County.

Her appearance at the school is part of the Supreme Court's Robes to Schools program, which is itself part of Chief Justice Davis' initiative, Year of the Child, Too.

Her goal is to have active and retired justices, circuit judges, family court judges, and magistrates make regular appearances in West Virginia schools. Judicial officers volunteer to read to elementary school children and participate in a speakers' bureau to talk to elementary, middle and high school classes about the judicial system.

A list of volunteers can be found under the Speakers Bureau heading on the Robes to Schools part of the Supreme Court Web site.

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