A response to a response

By The West Virginia Record | Oct 4, 2007



CHARLESTON -- Margaret Workman responded to my column last week (that was picked up by The West Virginia Record) and I don't normally respond to a response, but I thought I'd give it one more try.

Well, one more try for myself, but someone like Margaret just won't ever get it. Even after another defeat for another seat that involves running against someone NOT named McGraw.

Look, the point I made in my column last week was this. Margaret Workman is a horrible campaigner. That's not being mean. It's OK, in fact. Some people are natural campaigners, some are not. Some are terrible. Mags is worse than terrible.

Of course, no one around her would be willing to tell her that, and they will let her go down the road of running again for yet another seat and she most likely will lose. The reason she will lose isn't because she's a bad person or anything like that, simply because to win a race (against anyone not named McGraw), you have to be at least a decent campaigner. And, anyone who watched her campaign against me in 2004 would have to agree that Mags is not good.

So, Margaret goes into a page diatribe about how she grew up poor and because she grew up poor she can easily relate to those poor, common folk in West Virginia.

Big deal. Growing up poor doesn't make you a good campaigner.

In her response, she retold a story that I must have heard a dozen times during the campaign. How she was like three and had to carry groceries in her little red wagon five miles in the driving snow uphill both ways so her family could eat. Or, something to that effect.

Of course, most people who already relate to the common West Virginian do not need to find some silly story to show they relate.

Only those who are now wealthy as Mags is, has to find a story that shows they can still relate to us po' West Virginians.

One other point, Margaret said she resigned her Supreme Court position after 11 years because she wanted to spend more time with her children and that's something I would never understand. Zing, zing. Wow, that was an original shot.

So, let me get this straight. Spending the first 11 years on the court ... during THAT time, it was OK to be away from her children. But, you know, that last year ... what did Margaret do when she left the court?

She opened up her own law practice. Now, of course, everyone who has ever started a new business knows how little time THAT takes.

Let's be honest. Margaret left the court because she was mulling a run for Governor (for heaven's sake, can you imagine?).

Look Margaret can run for whatever she wants. My point was that she has won one election against Darrell McGraw in 1988.

Sorry Mags, but it ain't 1988 anymore and there isn't going to be a Darrell McGraw on the other side.

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