This Just In: Monongalia County

By Donna Kisner | Oct 19, 2007

Oct. 10
Tina Riggs, as Administratix of John Louis Vendetta v. WVU Hospitals, Inc.
PA-David A. Sims; J-N/A
* Complaining of dizziness, nausea and right-sided neck pain, John Vendetta went to the emergency room at WVU Hospitals. While in the waiting room he suffered a massive seizure. He was given a 600 mg dose of Dilantin, instructed to take his regular dosage of Dilantin later that evening, and discharged 10 minutes after receiving this medication. Shortley thereafter while driving home, Vendetta suffered another seizure causing him to lose control of his vehicle, crossing the median and colliding with two other cars. As a result, Vendetta died. Tina Riggs, sister of Vendetta, alleges the doctors failed to advise Vendetta of the possibility of another seizure may occur. Riggs, and the Estate are seeking judgment against WVU Hospitals for damages, grief, sorrow and mental anguish. In addition, they seek pre and post judgment interest, costs and attorney fees.
Case number: 07-C-683

Oct. 15
Christopher Bradley Carlyle, Individually. And as Parent of Noah Carlyle and Justice Marie Carlyle, and Samantha Dawn Carlyle, Individually and as parent of Justice Marie Carlyle v. Kenley Reaves, Phil Lemon and the WVU Board of Governors
PA-LaVerne Sweeney; J-N/A
* As an employee of WVU Board of Governors as a janitor, Christopher Carlyle cleaned various buildings for his employer, one of which was the office of the Campus Security Police Dept. Kenley Reeves, a WVU Campus Security officer, maliciously sexually harassed Carlyle in the presence of Phil Lemon, another WVU Campus Security Officer. In addition, Reaves threatened to inflict harm to Carlyle by hitting him in the head with his fist. Another co-worker of Carlyle's felt an altercation was about to take place and suggested leaving for their next cleaning assignment. Carlyle moved toward the car to leave when Reaves grabbed his clothing and slammed him down onto the hood of the car. Both the physical and verbal harassment took place in the presence of Phil Lemon. Carlyle sought medical treatment the next day at Grafton City Hospital. He filed a worker's compensation claim with WVU Board of Governors which objected to paying the claim. As a result of the incident, Carlyle is seeking medical bills, pain and suffering, and humiliation. In addition, he seeks punitive damages, attorney fees and expenses. He also requests a trial by jury. Noah, Justice and Samantha Carlyle claim they have been deprived of their father's and husband's companionship, society, advice, comfort and consortium They seek compensation against all defendants.
Case number: 07-C-692

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