This Just In: Monongalia County

By Donna Kisner | Oct 26, 2007

Oct. 15
Jena P. Dangerfield v. Natalee M. Moody and Nikki Moody
PA-William C. Brewer; Judge Russell M. Clawges, Jr.
* While crossing Monongahela Boulevard at the intersection of Patteson Drive, pedestrian Dangerfield was struck by a vehicle driven by Natalee Moody. As a result, Dangerfield received severe scarring and permanent damages. She is seeking judgment for injuries and damages, medical expenses and loss of past and future income. Dangerfield also seeks judgment against Nikki Moody, owner of the vehicle.
Case number: 07-C-694

Oct. 16
Janice Hriblan v. West Virginia University Board of Governors
PA-Allan N. Karlin; Judge Robert B. Stone
* Hriblan began employment with West Virginia University in 1971 as a secretary in food services. In October 1998, Hriblan became Assistant to then-Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs Amir Mohammadi. In July 2000, Mohammadi was promoted to Associate Vice President and Hriblan became his assistant. During that time, Hriblan and Mohammadi raised questions about the actions of other officials and employees in Student Affairs regarding financial and human resources issues. In late 2003, Hriblan became concerned about expenditures of state funds by individuals working in the Student Affairs department. She was directed to prepare a report regarding her concerns. Before it could be completed, she and the Associate Vice President were reassigned to a newly created division that included only the two of them. Mohammadi left in 2006 for a position at another university. Hriblan was given the option of working until June 30, 2007, when her employment would terminate or applying for a position in the Division of Student Affairs. This position would result in a decrease of $30,000 per year. She chose to stay in her current position and hoped other positions would be posted for which she could apply for that were commensurate with her salary and responsibility. No positions were posted but Hriblan claims other individuals were transferred into positions without an opportunity for her to apply. Hriblan claims WVU Board of Governors actions for not offering her another position and terminating her employment were motivated in part by her report of waste and wrongdoing. Hriblan is seeking damages, costs and attorney fees.
Case number: 07-C-698

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