Oct. 16
Ronald Owings v. Fun Buffet, et al
J- Recht; PA- Leonard J. Tost
* While in Fun Buffet, Owings slipped and fell as he approached the food buffet because of an oily substance on the floor. Owings incurred numerous bruises and sprains and a knee injury. Owings believes Fun Buffet's failure to remove this substance resulted in his fall. He is seeking an amount in excess of jurisdictional limits.
Case number: 07-C-215

Oct. 17
Andrew Campbell v. Danny Holladay, et al
J- Gaughan; PA- M. Eric Frankovitch
* Campbell was an invited visitor in the Holladay's home when the Holladay's German shepherd attacked him. Campbell claims the Holladays should have known of the dog's tendency to attack. After the attack, Campbell was forced to seek treatment because the dog's rabies shots were not current. He seeks judgment in excess of jurisdictional limits, costs, fees, and pre and post judgment.
Case number: 07-C-219

Oct. 19
Timothy Hooper, et al v. Wilbert Wright, Maintenance Technologies contractor, and Essex Insurance
J- Mazzone; PA- Michael G. Simon
* The Hoopers entered into a contract with Wright for the purchase of services necessary for construction on their home. Wright failed to complete the work agreed to in the contract and ultimately breached the contract by performing in what the Hoopers believe was an "unworkmanlike" manner. When the Hoopers attempted to settle through Wright's insurance, Essex denied that there was coverage for the claim. The Hoopers seek that the claim give rise to coverage from Essex, damages, costs, and fees.
Case number: 07-C-221

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