This Just In: Cabell County

By Drew Smith | Nov 23, 2007

Nov. 15
Charlotte Ross v. Sara Lee Corporation d/b/a Henier's Bakery
PA-Valarie Hardwick J-David M. Pancake
* Ross was employee of Heiner's Bakery and was fired in December 2005 for taking an illegal break. She claims she followed proper procedures for the break and was fired because she is an African-American female. The suit claims Heiner's discriminated against Ross on account her of race and gender and is thus in violation of the West Virginia Human Rights Act. Ross is seeking full reinstatement and damages in the amount of $74,000.
Case number: 07-C-1022

Nov. 20
Delores Richardson v. Southeast Ohio Emergency Medical Services
PA-Debra A. Nelson J-David M. Pancake
* Richardson had an allergic reaction to her antibiotic medication and was treated at her workplace by SOEMS. An employee of SOEMS administered epinephrine intravenously to Richardson, against her wishes. The suit claims when Richardson arrived at St. Mary's Medical Center, she was diagnosed with an epinephrine-induced lateral wall myocardial infarction. Richardson claims the epinephrine was administered without a physician's authorization and SOEMS is thus negligible. She is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.
Case number: 07-C-1029

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