This Just In: Berkeley County

By Beth Henry | Nov 30, 2007

Nov. 14
Susquehanna Patriot Commercial Leasing Co. vs. William Miller
PA - Christopher Moore; J - Christopher Wilkes
* The plaintiff claimed Miller failed to pay monthly installments in accordance with a loan agreement, and a foreign judgment was entered in the Court of Common Pleas in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, in favor of the plaintiff for $28,049.38.
Case number: 07-C-1228

City Hospital Inc. vs. Christopher C. Ferguson
PA - Christopher Moore; J - David Sanders
* The hospital claims Ferguson owes at least $45,022.74 plus interest for a total of $47,150.17 for medical services provided in 2003 and 2007.
Case number: 07-C-1229

John Edward Broy vs. Sharon L. Stambaugh
PA - David Furrer; J - Christopher Wilkes
* Broy claims a vehicle accident on Dec. 1, 2005, was caused by Stambaugh's negligence when she failed to stop at a red light, causing her vehicle to collide with Broy's and make it overturn. He is seeking $500,000 plus other relief because of his injuries, damages and pain and suffering.
Case number: 07-C-1234

Nov. 16
Milad N. Karim vs. Winchester Auto Dealers Exchange Inc.
PA - Andrew Skinner; J - David Sanders
* Karim claims he was injured on Dec. 3, 2005, when he was attending a used car auction. The defendant's employee was operating a vehicle and drove over the plaintiff's foot, causing a fracture. Karim is seeking an amount of relief to be determined at trial.
Case number: 07-C-1241

Glenville E. Shipe vs. the City of Martinsburg
PA - William Young; J - Gray Silver
* Shipe claims his home's basement was damaged on Nov. 16, 2006, when the city's sewer system backed up and caused sewage to flow out of the downstairs toilet and sink. He claims he was not able to stay in his residence for about 86 days, and he is seeking an amount of relief to be determined at trial.
Case number: 07-C-1242

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