This Just In: Monongalia County

By Donna Kisner | Dec 7, 2007

Nov. 28
Kristin Brooke Vance v. Monongalia County Board of Education
PA-Wesley W. Metheny; Judge N/A
* Vance claims that during her time as a student at Morgantown High School, she was a victim of repeated sexual abuse, fondling and assault by both Thomas J. Clark, a music teacher and show choir director at Morgantown High, and Brian K. Martin, music teacher at Clay Battelle High School. It is alleged that both Clark and Martin used their employment as teachers to force her into repeated sexual acts. Vance claims that during the time she was abused, the Board of Education had knowledge of Clark and Martin's actions, but failed to report the suspected abuse to the state department of human services or any other law enforcement agency. It is also believed that the Board of Education concealed material facts regarding its involvement and knowledge. Vance claims permanent physical and psychological injuries, pain and suffering, mental anguish, medical bills, loss of future income and loss of scholarship benefits. Vance seeks judgment against the Monongalia County Board of Education.
Case number: 07-C-782

Darla J. Hurst and Meagan Goff v. WVU Hospitals, Inc. dba Ruby Memorial Hospital, University of West Virginia Board of Trustees, Chris Harper, Charles Whiteman, MD, K. Porter, Charity Warner
PA-David J. Romano and Sarah E. Wagner; Judge N/A
* In February 2007, Hurst, accompanied by her daughter Meagan Goff, sought medical services at Ruby Memorial Hospital when Chris Harper physically attacked her. Hurst claims she was restrained against her will and was in no position to leave the premises. Goff was present at the time the attack on her mother took place, causing severe emotional distress as a result of witnessing the attack. Hurst and Goff claim the defendants assisted each other in the commission of the wrongful acts of misconduct and are seeking compensatory damages, for past and future medical and hospital expenses, lost wages, general damages, exemplary or punitive damages; pre and post judgment interest, attorney's fees and cost.
Case number: 07-C-790

Regina and Douglas Shephard v. Frank J. Hamilton and Granville Volunteer Fire Department
PA-Stephen M. Lacagnin; Judge N/A
* In December 2005, Regina Shephard was driving southbound on Stafford Street in Star City. Stopping at the intersection of Stafford and Herman Avenue, which is controlled by four stop signs, Shepard proceed across the intersection after looking both ways. Frank J. Hamilton, driving a 2004 Ford F-150 pickup truck, Hamilton raced into the intersection, and his vehicle crashed into the driver's side of Shephard's vehicle. The impact spun Shephard's vehicle counterclockwise before coming to a stop. Hamilton advised he was acting in his capacity as a Volunteer Fire Fighter for the Granville Volunteer Fire Department and was responding to a structure fire call. He claims his personal vehicle was serving as an authorized emergency vehicle. As such, he claims he used emergency lights and sirens, although no other witnesses to the accident heard or saw these in use. As a business owner, Shephard's hospitalization and rehabilitation for injuries she received, her business has suffered. Shephard is seeking damages for personal injuries, past and future economic losses; past and future medical expenses; and damages for loss of the vehicle.
Case number: 07-C-788

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