Man sues Hurricane over sewer incident

By Chris Dickerson | Dec 7, 2007

WINFIELD -- Sewer blown into his home by city employees is causing a mess of problems for a Hurricane resident, according to a lawsuit.

Karol Clark filed a complaint against the City of Hurricane on Dec. 4 in Putnam Circuit Court.

According to the suit, city employees were working on a sewer line in front of Clark's home on Green Oak Drive on June 27, 2006. They were using a large compressor to force water and air through the lines to unclog the line.

"As a result of the negligent conduct of employees of the City of Hurricane and air and water being blown into the sewer line, raw sewerage and water were blown out of the bathroom into the plaintiff's home, causing damage to the home in an amount that is not entirely ascertainable at this time," the complaint states. "The City of Hurricane negligently failed to keep its sewers and drains open, in repair, and free from nuisance."

Clark's suit, filed by Huntington attorney R.R. Fredeking II, says the incident also damages personal property in the home.

Also, "plaintiff suffered severe injuries to the upper and lower extremities of his body; said injuries have caused or will continue to cause the plaintiff physical and mental pain and suffering, and by reasons of said injuries, the plaintiff has incurred expenses for the services of hospitals, physicians and traveling in an amount that can not be ascertained at this time, has lost wages in an amount that can not be ascertained at this time, has suffered permanent injury to his body and will incur future medical expenses and lost wages in an amount that is not ascertainable at this time."

Clark seeks compensatory damages as well as pre- and post-judgment interest and court costs, including attorney fees.

Putnam Circuit Court case number: 07-C-495

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