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By The West Virginia Record | Dec 14, 2007

Nov. 16
Charles Garlick v. Margaret Bruiner
PA -Terrace L. Britt; J-Thomas Steptoe Jr.
* On June 19, 2006, Garlick was a passenger in a vehicle driven by Opal J. Sisk when it was struck by another vehicle driven by Bruiner. Because of the accident, Garlick suffered injuries. He claims he will incur medical bills in amount excess to jurisdictional limits of the court. He is seeking compensation of injuries he sustained as well as pre-judgment interest on all items of pecuniary loss to date of trial and post-judgment interest.
Case number: 07-C-397

Nov. 19
Ralph Taylor v. City of Harpers Ferry
PA - J. Michael Cassell; J - Thomas Steptoe Jr.
* Taylor owns real estate at the corner of Ridge and Zachary Taylor streets in Harpers Ferry. He claims the Corporation of Harpers Ferry has never constructed the streets, therefore, remain "paper streets" without improvements. He claims the Corporation of Harpers Ferry has wrongfully denied and prevented without just legal cause, the construction of Taylor's driveway and the right to access his property. He requests declaratory relief to determine his rights and responsibilities pertaining to his right to have access to his property by means of public rights-of-way known as Taylor Street for complete relief including access to his property and reimbursement for his expenses, costs and attorney's fees.
Case number: 07-C-398

Franklin Credit Management v. Barry Schmehl and Christopher Schmehl
PA-Darren Goldberg; J-Thomas Steptoe Jr.
* The Schmehls entered into a promissory note with Franklin Credit on Oct. 19, 2005. Franklin Credit claims the Schmehls still owe $62, 407.90 plus accrued interest of $7,534.13 until Nov. 2, 2007, at which an additional interest of $21.93 a day will be added, in addition to a late charge of $388.04 an a lien release fee of $25.
Case number: 07-C-399

Clay Wagner and Lori Wagner v. Alfred "Larry" Smith and Kelly L. Smith
PA-Andrew C. Skinner; J-Thomas Steptoe Jr.
* The Wagners rented a home in Ranson from the Smiths. In fall of 2005, the Wagners traveled to the Gulf Coast to help in Hurricane Katrina cleanup efforts, but still maintained their home in Ranson. In July 2006, the Wagners used their truck as security for rent. On Aug. 16, 2006, the Smiths informed them that they needed to remove their property from the home by Sept. 15, 2006. On Aug. 31, Clay Wagner was in an accident preventing them from meeting the deadline. The Wagners claim the Smiths told them in later conversations that their property was taken to the dump, which caused them to lose tens of thousands of dollars of personal property. The Wagners claim because of the stress of trying to retrieve their property, he had a heart attack on Sept. 11, 2006. The Wagners claim the Smiths violated several state laws over their property as well as trespassed, caused breach of lease, conversion, negligence, negligent infliction of emotional distress, intentional infliction of emotional distress, gross negligence/willful, wanton and reckless conduct. They are seeking judgment against the Smiths in compensatory and punitive damages.
Case number: 07-C-400

John T. Campbell v. Jefferson County Board of Education
PA- D. Michael Burke; J-Thomas Steptoe Jr.
* In June 2000, Campbell, who was 12 at the time, was playing on the monkey bars at Wright Denny Elementary. He fell fracturing both the ulna and radius of his right arm. Campbell claims he was injured because the Jefferson County Board of Education failed to properly maintain an adequate amount of mulch or other "fall protection" at the school. In 2003, Campbell had to undergo corrective surgery. On Jan. 9, 2006, Campbell reported to Parris Island, S.C., for the United States Marine Corp. Because of his injuries, he was deemed unqualified because of a physical conditional and later discharged from the Marines for medical reasons. Campbell claims he suffered serious permanent injuries, has suffered and will continue to suffer physical pain, emotional distress and mental anguish and loss of capacity to enjoy life. He has incurred hospital, medical and related expenses in excess of $23,448.91 and expects to incur future medical expenses. He demands judgment against the board of education in an amount of excess of $100,000.
Case number: 07-C-401

Jane Brenner v. Linda Grant, individually, and d/b/a Hair Graphics
PA-Joanna Robinson; J-Thomas Steptoe Jr.
* On Nov. 19, 2005, Brenner went to Hair Graphics to have her hair dyed. During the dying process, Brenner claims Grant negliently allowed brown hair dye to splash on her face. Two days later Brenner returned to the salon to have assistance from removing hair dye from her face at which Grant supplied her with salon grade hair dye remover. Using the remover resulted in a chemical burn resulting in permanent skin damage. She is seeking compensatory damages, costs incurred in the prosecution of this action, pre- and post-judgment interest on any judgment obtained against the defendants.
Case number: 07-C-404

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