FAST facts

by The West Virginia Record |
Jan. 23, 2008, 5:56am

Legal Aid of West Virginia's FAST program is a statewide non-profit organization that provides family-driven advocacy services to children and adults with mental or behavioral health needs.

The goal of the Family, Advocacy, Support and Training program is to develop a statewide parent-to-parent and youth support network that will empower families to participate in planning, management, and evaluation of their child's treatment.

To be eligible for services, a family must meet the eligibility criteria below:

* Child is 5 years to 18 years of age or transitioning to adulthood up to the age of 22

* Legal Guardian agrees to participate

And at least one of the following:

* Child has a Primary Mental Health Axis I (DSM-IV) diagnosed emotional and or behavioral disorder

* Child's level of disability requires multi-agency intervention to improve conditions (services from at least 2 or more systems; one must be Mental Health)

* Child has received Mental Health/Behavioral Health services for at least a year or these services are expected to last for more than a year

To contact the children's project for additional information or to request services, please call 1-866-255-4370. You may also e-mail the FAST project director at

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