CHARLESTON -- Secretary of State Betty Ireland has announced that, beginning this month, voters who move and file a change of address form with the U.S. Post Office will receive in their welcome kit a reminder to update their voter registration information.

The notice will direct voters to , where they can download a voter registration form to fill out and send in to their county clerk. The registration form can be used to register for the first time or change registration information already on file.

"My office is always searching for new and better ways to make it convenient for West Virginia citizens to register and vote," Ireland said. "And this is just one more tool to help our voters make sure their registrations are up to date when they go to cast a ballot."

To be able to vote in the May 13 primary, first-time voters must submit their voter registration application to their county clerks by April 22. Address changes to existing registrations can be made up to and including Election Day.

However, Ireland urges voters to submit their address changes as soon as possible.

"This will help ensure voters learn of their correct precinct in plenty of time before Election Day. Voting in the correct precinct is necessary to help avoid voting a provisional or 'challenged' ballot," Ireland said.

In addition to finding the voter registration form online, the forms are also available at the County Clerk's office, Secretary of State's Office, any branch of the Department of Motor Vehicles and many other public facilities throughout West Virginia.

For information on updating voter registration information or any other questions, voters may contact their county clerk or the Secretary of State's Office at (866) SOS-VOTE, or visit the Secretary of State's Web sites at .

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