This Just In: Cabell County

By Drew Smith | Jan 11, 2008

Dec. 31
Romie Murphy, Jared Sayre v. John Napier, Becky Napier and Todd Napier
PA-R. Matthew Vital J-David M. Pancake
* Murphy and Sayre were allegedly invited to swim in the Napier's pool in July 2005. While the two boys were swimming, one of the defendants treated the pool with chemicals without asking the boys to exit the pool first, according to the suit. Murphy and Sayre claim that as a result, they suffered extensive skin irritation, skin discoloration, swollen eyes and swelling. They claim they should have been asked to leave the pool or at least warned of the dangers. They are seeking compensatory damages.
Case number: 07-C-1139

Mark Combs, individually and as the next friend of Tayte Combs, an infant v. Frederick Management Company, LLC
PA-Michael C. Walker J-David M. Pancake
*The plaintiffs were walking down an alley in Huntington that was located directly behind a parking garage owned by Frederick Management. According to the suit, the company had leaned a 20-foot gate against the wall adjacent to the alley. The gate allegedly fell on top of Tayte Combs, causing permanent injury. The plaintiffs are seeking compensatory damages.
Case number: 07-C-1144

Jan. 2
Linda G. Bannister v. Otis Elevator Company
PA-William L. Mundy J-David M. Pancake
* Bannister was riding in an elevator car maintained by Otis at St. Mary's Hospital. According to Bannister, the car malfunctioned and failed to level at the appropriate height. This caused Bannister to strike her foot against the elevator car and fall to the ground. The suit claims Otis was negligent in its maintenance of the elevator car, thus causing Bannister to incur permanent injuries. She is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.
Case number: 08-C-2

Jan. 3
Vanessa Adkins v. General Parts, Inc., d/b/a Carquest Auto Parts
PA-Amy C. Crossan J-John L. Cummings
*Adkins was managing the Carquest Auto Parts store in Huntington when, in July 2007, she was informed she was being terminated because of audit issues. Adkins had initially failed a store audit but passed a re-audit immediately before being fired. She claims two other male managers had failed audits but were not fired. Adkins alleges she was terminated not because of the audit, but because she is a female; a violation of the West Virginia Human Rights Act. She is seeking compensatory and punitive wages.
Case number: 08-C-3

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